Parent Wellness Circle Program: Form a Parent Wellness Circle in Your Community

The Parent Wellness Circle Program is a six-week parent coaching program that helps parents determine and design the changes they are ready to make to enhance their own wellness, and the wellness of their families. When parents gather with their trained facilitator to work this program, we call it a Parent Wellness Circle.

In a Parent Wellness Circle, participants gather with a trained facilitator to set goals, share challenges, and support each other as they work on NEXT Steps.  The Parent Wellness Compass Inventory, a signature part of this coaching program, is completed in the first session and serves as a guide to help parents set their NEXT Steps over the six week the program. It has been said that, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We believe that it also takes a village to support a parent.

This program requires a trained facilitator, due to the depth of work that parents do together, and the skills needed to lead such a group effectively. We offer trainings in both Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, as well as remotely for groups who wish to arrange an onsite training in their community.  We welcome inquires from people who are already trained in motivational interviewing and/or small group facilitation who wish to use this program without attending one of our trainings.

The leader’s guide for the Parent Wellness Circle Program spells out the philosophy underlying this program,  as well as explaining in detail how to run the six sessions.  It also explains how to help parents create helpful NEXT Steps, tips for facilitating groups, and ideas for fostering further contact with the group based on our book,  Parent Wellness Compass: Outfitting for the Journey.

A Parent Wellness Compass Circle Program Workbook (seen to the right) is needed for each parent as they participate in a facilitated Parent Wellness Circle. These workbooks, and the leader’s guide that every facilitator needs, are available for purchase on this website.

Our vision for the this program is simple: A Parent Wellness Circle in every community.